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Mechanical division serves process and utility requirements in HVAC, PIPE LINES (Air, Water, Steam, Fluid), DG Stack, and other related to industry. SANKHLA undertakes specialized design, Engineering, procurement, Fabrication, Construction and installation of process skids, pipelines, steel structures, tanks installations at green field projects.
We are a trusted name in the field of Electrical Contracting. ”A” class Electrical Contractors who is providing the services in sector from design to execution last 15 years in the industry.

Designing & Optimization of systems for Plumbing, Fire Protection, Fire Detection, Industrial, Institutional, Educational & Hospital Buildings.




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In the Industrial world, MEP stands for “Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing.” MEP  engineering is the art of planning, designing, and managing the MEP systems of an Industry.  A MEP engineering services firm specializes in these skills.


The mechanical execution elements of the industry, most especially HVAC, Fabrication, ETP/  STP, RO, FIRE HYDRANT systems, FIRE SPRIKLER systems, and PUMP HOUSE, help make the INDUSTRY inside more comfortable. These systems allow us to occupy buildings as per all govt compliance.

Electrical -

The electrical system in an industry keeps the power section like HT, MV, and LT Systems on,  keeps our machines powered, and keeps the other systems running. Architectural High voltage system 33kv, 11kv, 440-volt, lighting, cabling, Cable tray, LOW voltage system Data,  Telephone, server, Fire Alarm Systems, pa system, CCTV, HT/ LT Panels, earthing system,  Building Lighting Arresters, design, and plans are a crucial component of the electrical engineering process.

Plumbing (Utility Pipe Lines)-

Where we would be without plumbing? Water is what sustains us. Plumbing systems provide fresh water for drinking, Drainage system, Fluid line, Steam lines, Condensate Lines, cleansing, and more. And they take the storm and sanitary wastewater away, safely.

Why you need a Professional MEP Contractor

Whether an architect or Industry owner, working with MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) contracting company can assure that your construction or renovation project will optimize your performance and minimize its operating costs.

mep outsourcing company works closely with architects and owners throughout design, construction,  and operations processes, analyzing and evaluating system options in the context of the entire project. This approach allows mep engineering services firms to implement systems that integrate with building architecture and perform as designed.

With all the various technologies and systems operating in modern buildings, combined with efforts to strive for sustainable design, an MEP engineering services firm can provide successful coordination of building systems and operations while optimizing the Industry owner investment.

Let us look at 8 areas where an MEP contractor would have  a considerable impact on construction of a project:

1.    Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC): Whether it is determining if an under-floor air distribution (UFAD) system is the best way to heat and cool your building, or which automation techniques can best help your HVAC system conserve  energy, a mep outsourcing company can ensure your system is installed to run efficiently,  deliver maximum occupant comfort, and maintain environmentally-friendly  standards.

2.    Electrical and lighting System: MEP Contractor can do a Project in Systematic manners with a best coordination with PMC/Architect and owner that can help a lot in Success Execution on time with a best quality work. mep outsourcing company can suggest a  best practice for Electrical, energy-efficient light fixtures System in installation point  of view., MEP engineers can not only reduce electricity usage and costs, but can  provide a best suggestion for his previous projects installation during execution of  work at site.

3.    Plumbing: Plumbing work incorporates fire suppression, storm water, sewer, natural gas, drinking water, irrigation water and other special water and waste water systems. mep consultants in Gurgaon can ensure plumbing design and equipment are operating at  a level most efficient for your building, and can also integrate water conservation  techniques and other design strategies that will make your building more eco-friendly and more cost-effective.

4.    Energy conservation: While HVAC, electrical, and Utility Piping execution can all contribute to reductions in energy usage, mep consultants in Gurgaon can implement, superimpose, coordinate utility sections in a most effective manner.

5.    Fire alarms and protection: Sprinkler and fire suppression systems can require a lot of coordination during execution and implementation processes. Not only do these systems need to meet NBCC code requirements, but they also need to meet the needs of different areas of your building. MEP contractor can sync fire Alarm and plumbing system in a comfortable manner.

6.    Building Management System (BMS): Building management systems are centralized networks of hardware and software that control an industry HVAC system, indoor and outdoor lighting, security, fire alarms, and any number of other mechanical,  electrical, or plumbing features in the building. Automation systems help maintain  an industry optimal operational performance levels and ensure the comfort and  safety. MEP contractor can execute effective control systems that can help you  monitor your industry performance and reduce energy consumption.

7.    Best Execution for long-term usages: Whether you are constructing a new building or renovating an old one, MEP contractors can install your system and worthwhile solutions that ensure you are using the most cost-effective products and designs  
during the construction process. These designs should not only utilize the most current and efficient technologies, but installation is always having a long-term impact on your building and its equipment will maximize their lifecycles for years to come. Installation of Utility systems can have a significant impact on occupant health, comfort, and productivity. MEP contractors can help recognize which methods will deliver the greatest improvements to your building’s indoor environment.

8.    Optimizing operational Cost: Proper installation of Mechanical and plumbing systems can lower the amount of water your industry consumes. MEP contractors can help you to minimize water use, and improve the efficiency of HVAC systems also. MEP contractors can suggest materials and systems that will require less water, and energy, streamlining maintenance procedures while making your building eco-friendly. They can customize these systems in order to ensure the best for your industry and ensure that maintenance requirements remain simple and maintenance workers are properly trained to handle equipment issues and increase product life.

Best MEP Contractor for your project

Sankhla Enterprises is recognized as a leader in mep consultants in Gurgaon, applying new technology and balancing performance and costs of industrial projects/Where Housing, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Institutions. . and many other projects.


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“We were very happy with the work of SANKHLA . They were very professional and the quality of workmanship was outstanding."

Devender Sharma
Dy.General Manager

Complete Solutions for your industry needs excellent planning and effective execution. SANKHLA is better than best.


Rajeev Dave
Chief Officer Projects

"SANKHLA"  A dedicated team of technocrafts, offering complete solution for the project needs. Proactive planning , effective execution and timely updateds have been the highlights od our association with tem. i definately look forward another chance to work together.

Arunita Chitransh

"Nice conceptual and truly professional support with satisfaction. Thank you Sankhla Enterprises Team"

Navnish Jain

"We got Electrical project work done by Sankhla Enterprises. It was ' total satisfaction' with regard to quality, on time and also response"


"Best in industrial MEP work very professional workmanship"

Ishteyaque Neyazi

" Great experience , delivered our Hecpl and HYM project successfully with quality and time frame. We wish for there next Project."


Sankhla Enterprises is a well -known name in MEP Engineers & Contractors. We are committed for providing a best services in the sector. We are specialize in the field of Mechanical Electrical & other Industrial Engineering Turn Key Projects at the competitive price.



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