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Environment Policy

We, M/s. SANKHLA ENTERPRISES, are committed to preventing any damage to the environment. All environmental issues are addressed regularly in our company and due compliance is observed in all our activities and interaction with the Client. We communicate with all our site engineers and supervisors very effectively on these environmental issues and convey to them the due importance of these matters. These site engineers, in turn communicate these issues to all the workers, who follow the instructions very religiously.
Our standards for running of the sites are as below :-
We ensure that there is no wastage of electricity, water or other resources while carrying out the installation works.
We carry out regular servicing / maintenance of all construction tools / tackles, so that no harm is implicated to any of the workers, while using them. We organize special training sessions for most of our skilled workers to sharpen their skills as and when required and with this, they learn all modified and updated methods of working.
Whatever waste items are generated during the course of working at the site, they are either, recycled or removed and disposed off safely without causing any harm or damage to the surrounding.
M/s. SANKHLA ENTERPRISES, is committed to ensure that the environmental standards are achieved fully and all management controls are in place by taking the following measures -
Inspecting the work Sites at regular intervals.
Ensuring that all employees are involved in the process. The Company's management is fully responsible for all environmental issues and all the employees have to follow the policy fully in letter and spirit.
This policy is continuously monitored to ensure that all the objectives are achieved. These issues are reviewed and amended periodically.
All the employees are fully made aware of environmental concerns covering a wide variety of issues concerning air, water, soil, noise pollution etc. which in turn may affect human health and their daily activities.
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