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Safty Rules


It is mandatory for all the employees to participate actively in all thesafety programmes, training sessions etc, which are being organized by the company quite regularly. Every employee should insist on the observance of all the safety rules by fellow employees / workers, besides of himself, observing these rules very strictly.
On all routine days, before starting any job, ensure that they have secured the necessary permit verbally and in writing also, for working in the specified area. The time duration, location of the site and date etc.should be clearly indicated in the Work Permit. This work Permit is normally issued by the concerned Safety engineer of the Client. This regulation is observed more strictly in Chemical Plants, Refineries, functional distilleries and Pharmaceutical Plantsetc. In residential, Commercial, Industrial complexes etc, normally, this regulation is observed only verbally, since the Client's installations are not likely to get damaged because of any on going construction activities.
Report immediately to the concerned safety engineer of our company / Client also, if you come across any hazardous and dangerous situation in any of the location at the site. White closing the work in the evening/ night, clean up all the adjoining areas and remove all the waste items, which are generated during the course of working.
Whenever standing or working near the construction machineries, such as Cranes, Excavators etc. ensure that you are not very close to these machineries and are away from the suspended loads etc. Never use defective tools / tackles or any construction implements / equipments. This may prove dangerous. Handling of the defective tools may cause injuries.
Fire extinguishers, hand gloves, safety goggles, aprons etc. should be readily available at the site and they should be kept and stored at the nearest location from the working area. While climbing or walking at elevated locations, NEVER carry any loose items such as Screw drivers / hammers / pliers etc. in the pockets as these items may fall and hit the workers below. Likewise no tools / tackles etc. should be left unattended at elevated locations.

After securing the contract with any client, we check out a safety plan, suitable for the construction site depending upon the nature of Industry / Establishment and our work scope involved.
In the event of occurrence of any unfortunate incident resulting in a minor / major injury to any of the workman, even after taking all the relevant precautions, we ensure that the required medical aid is given to the concerned worker in the quickest and shortest possible duration and thereafter his physical condition is observed very closely by our higher management and all corrective measures are taken at the earliest.
It is imperative for all of our site engineers to observe all the Safety and Security regulations in their respective working areas and nobody is allowed to dilute these norms in any way.
Safety awareness in all of our employees, workmen is one of our foremost and important objective. We conduct Safety training sessions quite regularly for the benefit our workers. These training sessions are documented also in Soft and hard copies duly indicating the names of the participating employees, topics covered, dates of imparting the training, instructor's name and venue of the training etc.
In general, it is recognized by us that the Site safety is a team effort and every individual's participation and awareness to these requirements is a MUST to ensure the Safety and well-being of all the Workers, Supervisors and Engineers etc. Our commitment will help ensure that all of our Project sites are 100% accident (major or minor) free and no site operations cause of any kind of loss or damage to the properties or human lives which are so much precious.Sankhla Enterprises is experiencing accelerated growth, Specialized in Engineers, Contractors & Consultants in designing, erection and commissioning of electrical projects.
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