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Safety and Security

S - Safety is foremost and very important. No compromise can be considered on this account.
A - Awareness of potential hazards in the entire work force of the company at all the levels.
F - Forethought for prevention of all kinds of accidents, which may prove very costly in terms of human life and the property.
E - Ever vigilant and Cautious.
T - Think before carrying out any work at elevated levels, or at any hazardous location. Take all the precautions and all the necessary steps to avoid any untoward incident.
Y - Yes should be our forceful and emphatitic answer to the question whether, we have taken all the steps, measures to avoid any kind of minor / major accident.
Our company is fully committed to its policy ofprevention / reduction and altogether complete elimination of all kinds of accidents at the sites, which otherwise may result in financial or human life loss either directly to us or our Clients / Consultants. Minor or Major accidents, normally bring all site construction work to complete halt and our Customers / Clients may loose precious workers man-days along with loss / damage to the property / installations. This, in turn, may buildup further pressure in our as well as our Client's working system and efforts to complete the project on time.
We have chalked out a Safety Plan duly approved by our management team and all the Sites are asked to adhere to this programme fully in letter and sprit. All the sites engineers are asked to plan out all their site activities accordingly. The specific objectives of this plan are as below : -
No Compromise or dilution of any steps to prevent any kind of minor / major accident. Even if takes place remotely, follow up actions are taken in the quickest possible time. Immediate steps are taken to mitigate the effects of the accidents and reporting is done immediately to all the concerned. Medical aid is made available in the shortest possible duration and if hospitalization is required, the same is being attended with no loss of time.
Establishment and maintenance of a Safe, healthy and productive atmosphere for all the staff and workers at the sites. Regular and random checking of the Site operations by Senior Managers from the view of all the relevant aspects, which may affect Security and Safety measures and take immediate actions to rectify the situation. Following Safety tools / implements are mandatory for all the workers / foremen to wear at the sites : -
For all workers engaged in Drilling, Chipping, Welding, Gas brazing etc.
While undertaking some works in certain peculiar situations, workers may get exposed to some hazards and risk etc. In such cases, Face Shields, made out of heat resistant plastics are used by the workers in our company.
This is achieved by providing Safety helmets to all the workers and making it compulsory for them to wear at the site.
Cotton or Canvas gloves are used by the workers, while handling the materials / equipments etc.PVC or Rubber Hand gloves are used for handling any chemical liquid like electrolyte of the batteries, handling the batteries of UPS Units, Battery banks etc.
This is achieved by wearing PVC / Cotton or leather aprons as per the required situation.
These are normally used while working at elevated levels, when the slightest carelessness on the part of the worker can result in a serious and fatal accident. No worker is allowed to work at any elevated and hazardous location without tying the Safety Belt.
These are maintained properly at all the time and at all the sites. Ladders should be of adequate strength to take the load of the workers. All the foot step brackets should be sturdy and securely attached to avoid any malfunction, which otherwise, may result in the fall of a worker. Before the usage of Scaffolding or Ladders, they are properly tested for their mechanical strength by our workers.
Test Lamps / Testers are used to ensure that the installations are fully dead electrically and earthed and it is safe to work on these installations. These are required while availing shutdown / outages on the equipments, which are normally always LIVE and remain in service on routine days.
If the works are going on at elevated levels, we invariably ensure that a transport Vehicle is always available at the site in case of any contingency. If the location at some elevated level / height, is very tricky and hazardous, we provide Safety nets also to prevent any untoward incident.
Fire Extinguishers of adequate type and the capacities are employed and are kept closeby at the work locations, taking into consideration the type of fire risk involved. Extinguishers are periodically tested and charged / refilled back whenever they get emptied after the use.
Many accidents take place because of either overconfidence or carelessness on the part of the workers. On many occasions, the workers tend to deviate from the established and set rules of the Safety and whenever it happens, an accident may happen. Our workers are regularly being warned by our management team on the above matter and close supervision is exercised by our engineers on all the workers to avoid any untoward incident.
Follow rigorously all Safety regulations and established rules, while carrying out all site works. Use correct tools / tackles and also ensure that these tools / tackles are properly maintained. Use all personal protective equipments, wherever provided and also to ensure that they are appropriate for the risks involved.
Carry out only properly earmarked and authorised work. Use common sense and presence of mind while working at all the locations of the site. Ensure that the First Aid Box is containing all the required medical items and these items are being replenished properly as and when, these are exhausted.
Normally at large sites, one engineer (both from Client and the Contractor side) is made fully responsible for looking into all the related safety aspects and they conduct a weekly / fortnightly meeting with all the concerned officials, in which their seniors also participate. These safety engineers are authorised to stop the work as and when they come across any unsafe method of carrying out the work. To make the workers / Supervisors more vigilant on safety aspects, sign - ages / signboards / hoardings etc, are put up at all the important locations of the site, displaying the WARNINGS on respective hazards, to which these workers are likely to be exposed.
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